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That's about it, really. Succeeding is a different matter. Agora was established in December, 1996 by two nice people who understood two important business precepts very well indeed..

1.) The PC industry was exploding in Japan with over 8 million units purchased during 1996 and home infiltration growing to over three million units. Wow!

&2) Hardly any home consumer understood how to use computers, what software to buy & how to use the software they eventually bought because the manuals where written by irritated brilliant engineers who have better things to do than explain basics to plebs.


Jun Fujita, a 31 year old guy with over 70 years of (inherited) publishing experience and Nicholas Ivins, a 30 year old Brit with ten or so years experience of living in Japan, publishing in Japan and first learning how to use Windows using the Japanese version and experiencing at first hand the cruelty of Unix Engineers in respect to plebs,
set of to do the equivalent of a late 20th Century Storming of the Bastille.

Our basic principles are:

1.)To publish simple and practical software and books throuout Japan's domestic book stores, allowing people close access to products as opposed to trecking to central, crowded software shops.

2.) To make sure that every one of our customers is able to use the product to the best of theri ability and to gain confidence in using computers. To do this, Agora provides highly graphic & clearly laid out books that attempt to confront, as clearly as possible, any problem that mey arise.

3.) To get the lost generations onto the PC and specifically the Internet, social groups that have been ignored by the traditional computer industry up until the present. These include elementary school children (the lost 'game' generation), junior-high school students (the lost 'too busy studying for exams' generation and the wonderful Japanese housewive's 'I don't understand' generation. And, of course, all the other shunned citizen's of the computer world Agora was formed to serve.

And then..?

On June 16, 1997 Agora launched its first crusade into the Japanese market. The software, titled "Wonderdog" is the world's simplest, entertaing and most brilliant Web Editor. Developed by Sausage Software, the bunch of Australian genius's responsible for Hotdog Pro, the Japanese version is now being sold in all domestic book stores to the rave of the national media, and


For coporate enquiries, localization, distribution agreements, flattery, etc., contact AGORA Infomation
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